Creating Clarity in Your Investment Strategy will only ever come from “Having the Right Team, the Right Knowledge, the Right Education all aligned with the Right Strategy – this will make all difference between having a portfolio that grows and supports your desired outcomes.

Let our extensive expertise and experience team (yes there is a significant difference between qualified and experienced) help you build a long term sustainable property investment strategy that takes into account a holistic view of all aspects of your life.

The Strategic Investor’s Method

The Right Strategy

Definition –A strategy is an approach based on a clearly defined vision, goals, direction and roadmap.  It is built using insights, experience, context, environment, expectations and capabilities to create value.

The groundwork in the earlier stages of our process means we are now equipped and ready to create your strategy.  A strategy that fits and ticks all the boxes for you and your vision.

Your strategy will be a living document, flexible enough to evolve with your changing needs.

It will have both detailed short-term tactics and a longer-term roadmap.

The Right Knowledge

Armed with your strategy, it’s time to take control of your decisions.  Don’t be dictated to by others.  This stage will empower you so that you can;

  • Clarify your goals and aspirations
  • Bolster your knowledge of property investment
  • Acquire market awareness
  • Gain the ability to ask the right questions
  • Implement an effective property investing strategy

With the support of your team, you will develop personally tailored criteria and rules for property investment.

The Right Property

Finding the right property is central to your property wealth generation program.  You are now empowered and can take control.  At this stage, you will be able to;

  • Identify the right property
  • Perform the right analysis
  • Comply with your own self-imposed buying rules

Finding and buying property is the final stage in a methodology that puts people before property, rather than simply putting property before people.

The Investor

The foundation of our methodology is understanding individual needs and requirements.  This understanding is essential to developing a personalised property investment strategy that aligns with your specific’ needs.  We cover:

  • Life Ambitions
  • Stage of Life
  • Expectations
  • Effort & Commitment
  • Current Financial Position
  • Risk Tolerance in Investing

The outcome we are working towards is a “liveable” approach to property investing.  One which balances short-term constraints with a long-term strategic path to ensure wealth generation through the property.

The outcome that is being strived to achieve is a “livable” balanced short and long-term strategic approach to wealth generation through Property Investing.

The Right Team

The right experts with the right experience are essential to achieve the best outcomes in wealth creation.  You need input from multiple perspectives to explore and advise on

  • Investment capability and potential
  • Effective risk mitigation
  • Sustainable and tax-effective investment structures
  • Flexible financing arrangements which don’t restrict your options
  • Legal compliance

We connect you with experienced professionals to create the well-rounded team you need.

The Right Foundation

Getting the right experts onto your team is only the first step.   Next, these professionals combine their insight and knowledge from different specialised fields, fleshing out the factors, constraints and opportunities that matter for your strategy.

They examine all the areas your strategy must integrate:

  • Taxes
  • Financial situation
  • Legal
  • Employment – type, security and prospects
  • Lifestyle – both current and desired
  • Risk tolerance
  • Stage of life

Your expert team collaborate to fit the parts of the puzzle together.

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Hear from our Raving Clients

Brendan D
“As a first-time property investor (and property purchaser) I was mystified about the entire process of buying property. I first met Duncan around May this year to find out about investing in property. He was actually referred by my brother, who had great things to say about Duncan. Since we first met, Duncan has been helping my wife and me get through all the hurdles that you encounter when purchasing a property. He was able to connect us to a great team of people, from mortgage brokers to conveyancers; from accountants to real estate agents. Without Duncan’s input and effort, I don’t think I would have been brave enough to invest in property. Duncan’s input has been invaluable. No problem was insurmountable.”
Kylie B
"I have dealt with Duncan for a few years now and I can honestly say he is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He actually cares about each and every client he works for, he always wants the best outcome for each client at any cost which is rare to find in our industry. His knowledge and experience are also outstanding. Thank you Duncan for all your support and I hope to support you for many years to come on a personal and professional level."
"You were certainly a fantastic mentor to me and can say you are responsible for me purchasing 2 properties within 3 months after procrastinating for 3 years. I am also in the process of setting up my SMSF and will be looking at purchasing at least another 3 properties within the fund over the next 12 months. You are a great speaker with lots of enthusiasm and knowledge, but make it more real for the likes of myself and Susie because you relate to the beginning of your journey and understand where we are at. I found that both encouraging and reassuring which helped me get over the obstacles/hurdles that I put up when needing to make a decision to proceed."
“I have seen first hand how well Duncan manages his client's needs. He is forever looking at ways to maximise their investments, often thinking outside the box to capitalise on the financial benefits that are available to investors. Even when personal situations change Duncan is quick with advice helping guide them through any challenges they may have. His positive energetic style and focused approach combined with his incredible people skills and empathy make him a very worthy trusted advisor.”
Sean D
"Professional service with a personalised touch. Duncan continues to take care of my needs and support me in every way. I feel that I have a dynamic network of people behind me, helping me forward on my investment journey. Duncan is the key central figure in the whole network. He has helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined when we first met. He is a genuine man who enjoys helping others; a rare find. I am overwhelmingly grateful for the day I started my journey with Strategic Investors (formerly known as Property Wealth Partners). Thank you."
Helen C
"As I write this note, my eyes fill up with tears. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have taught me in the past 18 months. You are the reason I didn’t miss one mentoring session. I have learnt so much about property investing, which is all down to your passion, enthusiasm, patience and guidance. You empower and inspire people more than you will ever know. Without a doubt, you will continue to be successful and continue to make a huge difference in people’s lives."
Rachel V
“As a single mum who had an amount of money after settlement, I had no idea how to make it work for me or what I could afford from an investment point. Nor did I have any idea where to look for this kind of information. Luckily I came across Strategic Investor (formerly PWP) and the director Duncan Yelds Duncan was able to show me how much I could afford to borrow and how I could make my money work for me through investing in property to set me up financially to be more comfortable and provide more for my children. His strategy and the time he took with me to explain it was great. He was always patient answering my questions so I clearly understood all the aspects of it. Excited to have my first investment property secured and looking forward to growing my wealth through property further with his ongoing guidance.”
“When Belinda I joined, it was for a couple of main reasons: Firstly, which was the major contributing factor was having you as our coach/mentor, and secondly, the information you gave at the mentoring nights was clearly understood with down to earth explanations given and there was no hard sell to join, something Belinda commented on the first time she attended a guest night.”


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