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Let’s face it – You don’t know What you don’t know, and We don’t either!………….. this 45 mins is an opportunity for you to learn about us and choose to go “YEH” they can help in my journey or “NAH” they cant!

It is also a chance for us to decide if we can and want to support you as it’s our goal not to help everyone – just the clients that are ready to be helped!

Thanks for filling out this form. During the 45 minute session, we will take the time primarily to understand who you are and also take the time to explain who we are and how we can support you most effectively in creating clarity in your property investing strategy;

  • Understand your goals and aspirations in property wealth
  • Find out why you are interested in growing your wealth through property investing
    Will take the time to understand where you’re really at RIGHT NOW
  • From YOUR “real base”, start to paint a picture of what’s possible realistically for you to create over the next 5 – 10 -15 years
  • We will show you with total CLARITY how we can support you on that journey
  • Introduce you to the strength behind part of the membership and Strategic Investors Australia community
  • We will look at how the strategic investors methodology applies to your situation, specifically
  • We will, if appropriate, offer you the opportunity to work with us
  • Have our team create your comprehensive, detailed and MULTI-DISCIPLINARY strategic investment plan that will be yours to do what you want with
  • You will leave your personalised appointment with a plan and clarity on the action steps you need to be taking

We look forward to seeing you at the “What Can I Do Next” Meeting.

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