Know your Reasons and Boundaries for Property Investing

Which of the following best describes your current stage of life?
The 4 Phases of Wealth Creation in your life cycle - where would you consider yourself to be - NB your physical age is not a factor in determining your phase ?
How secure is your current and future income from sources such as salary, pensions or other investments?
What would you estimate your total annual income (before tax) ?
What would you estimate your Net Worth to be, that is total assets excluding the family home less liabilities?
If you have borrowed before to invest how would you rate your experience?
How familiar are you with investment matters?
What is the source of the funds you want to invest?
How long would you invest the majority of your money before you think you would need access to it? (Assuming you already have plans in place to meet short term cashflow and/or emergencies.)
In some instances, tax savings can be obtained from investments but this means taking on more risk. Which of the following statements best describes your goal for investing?
When considering your investments and making investment decisions, do you think about the impact of possible losses or possible gains?
"Assume you had an initial investment portfolio worth $100,000. If, due to market conditions, your portfolio fell to $85,000 within a short period, say a month, would you: (If your portfolio has experienced a drop like this, choose the answer that corresponds to your actual behaviour.)"
" If the value of your investments then fell to $60,000 over the next 12 months, would you: (If your portfolio has experienced a drop like this, choose the answer that corresponds to your actual behaviour.)"
Which one of the following statements describes your feelings towards choosing an investment?
Would you consider borrowing money to make a future investment?
Do you feel you are appropriately covered against personal and/or business risks such as accident, illness, trauma or death? (indicate Yes or No)
In general, how would your best friend desribe you as a risk taker with finance?
You are on a game show and can choose one of the following. Which one would you choose?
You have just finished saving for a "once in a life time" vacation. Three weeks before you plan to leave, you get retrenched. Would you do?
When you think of the word "risk" which of the following words come to mind
How confortable are you investing in shares
You have been given $1,000, would you risk it to
You have been given $10,000, would you risk it to
A relative has left you $100,000 in inheritance, saying you must do a investment. Which one would you do?
If you had to invest $20,000, which one would you choose
How do you view property investing?
Keeping in mind your primary goals, what is your investment time frame, or how long do you expect this money will remain invested?
Keeping in mind that the higher the return the higher the risk, what return do you reasonably expect to receive from your investments?
Assuming you have an amount of money to invest, how would you invest it?
With regard to tax, what are you prepared to accept in order to meet your goals?
How concerned are you that the growth in the value of your assets exceeds the rate of inflation?
Have you ever invested in shares, Government bonds or managed funds?
How would you react if your long-term investments declined by 10% in one year?
Which of the following statements describe your feelings towards a chosen investment?
How well do you think you know for current financial position
How long do you think you could survive without getting paid work?
How easy is it to get a job in your line of business?
Do you have access to family money upto $100K shoud you get into financial trouble?
Do you have access to family money upto $1,000,000 shoud you get into financial trouble?
If you are in a relationship, and you are investing together, how hard will it be if one of you stoppped working?
For many investors, the possibility of losing money is a key concern. How do you feel about investment losses?*
Which of the following choices best reflects your attitude toward inflation and risk? Inflation is an economic situation in which the general price of goods and services increases resulting in the same dollar buying less goods and services than before.*
Most investments go up and down. If your portfolio incurred a loss during one year, when would you sell down your portfolio?*
Investing involves a trade-off between return and risk. Investments with higher returns generally have higher risk (i.e. chance of loss). Investments with lower returns generally have lower risk or chance of loss. Which of the following statements best describes your attitude to risk?*
What is your investment attitude?
Once you begin to make your withdrawals, how many years will you be making withdrawals?
Protecting my portfolio is more important to me than high returns.
Keeping the above answer option in mind which of the following statements make the most sense to you?
What do you expect to be your next major expenditure?
Over the next few years, you expect the annual income to:
Assuming that you want to invest in stocks, which one would you choose?
Do you agree that physical property, for example, investment property and blue-chip shares are both assets?
Would you buy an investment property without seeing it?
Do you think control over the people investing your money is important?
Have you had a different set of boundaries and principles when dealing with an investment property as opposed to superannuation or your share exposure through superannuation? Even though both superannuation and property are assets.
Would you say you have been more assertive with superannuation than property?
Do you think it is good to chance the way you invest in superannuation to reflect the philosophy, boundaries and financial literacy and appreciate the transparency you display when dealing with the physical property?
How would you describe your experience with investment markets and direct shares?
What is your mindset around volatile markets, which means markets that lose and gain capital?
What do you want your investments to do?
How important is it for you to minimise your tax on investment earnings and tax on capital gains when investing?
How would you react if the value of your portfolio fell by more than 20% in any year?
What best reflects your current investment goals?