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Building Property Wealth Strategically - Courses

The Successful Property Investing Course

7 Sections with 40+ Lessons with over 40 modules+ Exercises + Instructions +Checklists

Strategic Investors have created a successful formula in creating long term wealth creation through property investing.

Our methodology has been used 1000’s of times over a 20 year period with repeated success. We have created a course that is easy to follow with all the tools and material we use to help our 1000’s of clients.

Our course is broken into 7 Sections, with a number of lessons allowing you to learn in short bursts rather than being tied to the screen for hours.

Each lesson will provide, checklists, documents and other material that will be useful for your learnings. To ensure your learnings, you will need to complete a test prior to moving to the next stage.

Section 1 : The Prepared Investor

The first step of going into developing an investment strategy is to understand one’s own boundaries, limitations, needs and goals.

We will cover the fundamentals, provide tools for you to explore and test your understanding of oneself with respect to property investing. The material will cover:

  • Self Assessment
  • Motivation and Goals
  • The Wealth Mindset

5 Lessons with 4-6 modules of  15-20 minute modules = 3hr. 20min.

Section 2 : The Right Support Structure

Property investment is a personal business that needs to be treated as such. The business needs to ensure to have a coherent effective team. This lesson covers;

  • What is the role/function of each team member
  • How do we pick out team
  • Who do you want and who do you really need on your team
  • How to get the best from your team

5 Lessons with 4-6 modules of  15-20 minute modules = 3hr. 20min.

Section 3 : Your Property Investment Business Case

In preparing for any business, you must gather all relevant information to prepare a strategy on how you become property. In this lesson we will cover:

  • How to collect the data
  • Review of typical reports
  • Typical questions you need to ask of the specialist
  • Understanding of costs involved in Property Investment
  • Interpretation of salient points from the specialist reports

5 Lessons with 4-6 modules of  15-20 minute modules = 3hr. 20min.

Section 4 : Creating your Wealth Property Strategy

A critical stage of any business is to have clarity in the business plan.  This lesson will provide you with the framework for developing a Property Investment strategy.

  • Solidification of SME
  • Cash flow modelling
  • Wealth Structures /  Ownership structures
  • Property Investment diversification
  • Development of buying rules for each investment
  • Protecting tor Investments
  • Creation of Wealth Strategy Plan

5 Lessons with 4-6 modules of  15-20 minute modules = 3hr. 20min.

Lesson 5: How to Make an Informed Purchase

This lesson will empower you through the introduction to key concepts and processes that will support your decision making. We will introduce;

  • Pillars of Wealth
  • Property Market Forces
  • Property Investment selection
  • Effective wealth-building strategies

5 Lessons with 4-6 modules of  15-20 minute modules = 3hr. 20min

Lesson 6: The Property Investment Acquisition

Selecting the RIGHT investment property requires the right research, analysis and implementation to be performed. The lesson will cover;

  • How to effectively & efficiently find an Investment property
  • Assessing and selecting an investment property
  • Methods to securing an investment property
  • Settlement of an investment property

5 Lessons with 4-6 modules of  15-20 minute modules = 3hr. 20min.

Lesson 7: Managing your Investments

Each and every property should be treated like a business. There needs to be a regular review of performance and refinement of the strategy.

This lesson will cover;

  • How to review property investments
  • Review the team’s performance
  • How to adjust your strategy
  • Initiating the next phase

4 modules x 15-20 minutes 1hr. 10min.

Duncan Yelds

Main Instructor
Chief Strategist 

With 25 years of property investing experience, Duncan has help over 1,000 people purchase over 3,500 properties.

He has been conducting property investment training courses since 2003 helping people to live their dream.
He will guide you through the extensive material conducting some of the course or supporting on our team of specialists to provide you with valuable insights.

A comprehensive property investment course designed for your long term success.  It starts with preparing your foundations and understanding your current position to where you would like to be in 15 years.