Developed and Refined Over

Our Methodology

The Strategic Investors property investment methodology has been used, reviewed and refined thousands of times over two decades or more. With input and feedback from a nationwide team of leading experts, it leads to the industry’s ineffectiveness. Our structured process of investigation, review and analysis delivers results.

We don’t rest on our laurels either! At Strategic Investors, we know that markets are continuously changing, and our strategies and executions evolve and adjust in response.

The Right Strategy

Definition –A strategy is an approach based on a clearly defined vision, goals, direction and roadmap.  It is built using insights, experience, context, environment, expectations and capabilities to create value.

The groundwork in the earlier stages of our process means we are now equipped and ready to create your strategy.  A strategy that fits and ticks all the boxes for you and your vision.

Your strategy will be a living document, flexible enough to evolve with your changing needs.

It will have both detailed short-term tactics and a longer-term roadmap.

The Right Knowledge

Armed with your strategy, it’s time to take control of your decisions.  Don’t be dictated to by others.  This stage will empower you so that you can;

  • Clarify your goals and aspirations
  • Bolster your knowledge of property investment
  • Acquire market awareness
  • Gain the ability to ask the right questions
  • Implement an effective property investing strategy

With the support of your team, you will develop personally tailored criteria and rules for property investment.

The Right Property

Finding the right property is central to your property wealth generation program.  You are now empowered and can take control.  At this stage, you will be able to;

  • Identify the right property
  • Perform the right analysis
  • Comply with your own self-imposed buying rules

Finding and buying property is the final stage in a methodology that puts people before property, rather than simply putting property before people.

The Investor

The foundation of our methodology is understanding individual needs and requirements.  This understanding is essential to developing a personalised property investment strategy that aligns with your specific’ needs.  We cover:

  • Life Ambitions
  • Stage of Life
  • Expectations
  • Effort & Commitment
  • Current Financial Position
  • Risk Tolerance in Investing

The outcome we are working towards is a “liveable” approach to property investing.  One which balances short-term constraints with a long-term strategic path to ensure wealth generation through the property.

The outcome that is being strived to achieve is a “livable” balanced short and long-term strategic approach to wealth generation through Property Investing.

The Right Team

The right experts with the right experience are essential to achieve the best outcomes in wealth creation.  You need input from multiple perspectives to explore and advise on

  • Investment capability and potential
  • Effective risk mitigation
  • Sustainable and tax-effective investment structures
  • Flexible financing arrangements which don’t restrict your options
  • Legal compliance

We connect you with experienced professionals to create the well-rounded team you need.

The Right Foundation

Getting the right experts onto your team is only the first step.   Next, these professionals combine their insight and knowledge from different specialised fields, fleshing out the factors, constraints and opportunities that matter for your strategy.

They examine all the areas your strategy must integrate:

  • Taxes
  • Financial situation
  • Legal
  • Employment – type, security and prospects
  • Lifestyle – both current and desired
  • Risk tolerance
  • Stage of life

Your expert team collaborate to fit the parts of the puzzle together.

Overview of Methodology


Strategic Investor’s property investing methodology has evolved over 20 years, over 1,000 clients and 3,500 properties proving to be a SUCCESSFUL process for our clients

The Investor Requirements Assessment

Our experience has shown that property investing can be an emotional roller-coaster.  There is so much riding on the outcomes of people’s livelihoods at risk.

This initial crucial step in the process is evaluating oneself regarding many different levels, from relations to risk tolerance to lifestyle and financial capability. 

Only once this completed, that an effective property investing Strategy is able to be individualized to ensure the highest level of probability for success.

Strategic Investor  has a team and set of tools that will help you to draw out the necessary information to help prepare an ongoing successful property investing Strategy

Remember it’s important not to jump to a solution before the groundwork is completed

The Right Team Your Wealth Creation Team

It cannot be underestimated how important it is to have a set of experienced experts on your team to support and guide you through the property wealth generation process.  Choosing the “right” experts is complicated with the legislative and legal limitations of what certain people are allowed and not allowed to say or recommend.

For example, some financial advisors can only recommend specific investment types because they are not licenced in all investment strategies.

Selecting a suitable Buyers agent is problematic as each buyer trends for certain types of properties typically.

Strategic Investors will help you identify those experts that will fit your current property investment strategy.

The Right Foundation – Building a Collaborative Team

Building a team is like putting together a puzzle.  They all need to fit together to ensure they make the right picture.   Every part is essential.

Each team member needs to understand the end goal along with all individual requirements, any boundaries and limitations to ensure the right solution is developed.

The Right Strategy – A Collaborative Approach

Definition – A strategy is an approach based on a clearly defined vision, goals, direction and roadmap based on insights, experience, context, environment, expectations and capabilities to create value.

With this definition in mind and using the groundwork prepared in the earlier stages of this methodology, we can only create a strategy that fits and ticks all the boxes that you had in your vision.

This Strategy will be a living document that needs to be flexible enough to evolve with your changing needs.

The outcome of this stage is to have detailed short term tactics and longer-term activities.

The Right Knowledge – Be Educated and Right Market Intelligence

To be successful in any aspect of your life, you need to take control of your decisions. Not to be dictated by others.
During this methodology stage, you start to appreciate the power and control we bestowed upon you. You will have gained insights and knowledge that will support your wealth generations property investment strategy by going through the journey.

The methodology will help fill in and manage identified blind spots to avoid any potential failures. This WILL make all the difference

With our mentorship, coaching, education and supporting tools, Strategic Investors will give you the edge as a higher probability of success.

The team at Strategic Investors is all about helping you are helping you through your journey and supporting you to finding blind spots – establishing you in a powerful controlling position to empowering you to make significant informed decisions

The Right Property - The People into Property, not Property into People

This final stage of the methodology is where the “tyre hits” the road. The preceding steps provide the foundation and guidance to inspire you and control finding the right property to enhance your property wealth generation program.

What you have learnt going through the methodology is the avoidance of being as a square peg in a round hole.

The critical tools is using buying rules, and tools provide the basis for purchasing a rational thought through intelligent property investment.
Using our methodology allows you to leverage future property investments.

The "Strategic Investors Methodogy"

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